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Fast Ethernet Service Providers | FastE Price Quotes

How to Get the Most Out of Fast Ethernet Service Providers

We all want “fast” internet service, but fast Ethernet service providers take it to a whole new level.  With speeds ranging anywhere from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps, you’re guaranteed a signal that’s at least 10 times faster than the traditional Ethernet connection.

Amazingly, though, fast Ethernet is only considered a mid-range service (gigabit Ethernet is actually 10 times faster than fast Ethernet!).  That means you can take advantage of mid-range prices.

Want more good news?

-  Good fast Ethernet service providers can use your existing Ethernet connection to get everything up and running.  In fact, the only difference between the fast version and the traditional version is the speed, so you won’t have to worry about making and major hardware or software changes – making it the perfect solution for businesses that already have Ethernet service, or that are moving into a facility with an existing Ethernet connection. 

-  You’ll get your choice of connections.  Fast Ethernet can be transmitted over twisted pair copper, coaxial cable, or fiber.  Copper is the most popular, but thanks to the variety, you’ll be able to choose the connection that fits best into your budget.

-  You can skip the middleman.  When you work with fast Ethernet service providers, you get to work with the providers themselves – not connect to some local facility, like you do when you work with your cable company.  And, since you’re taking the middleman out of the equation, you’ll get to take advantage of lower monthly bills! 

-  Even though it’s slower than gigabit Ethernet, fast Ethernet has all of the speed that most organizations need.  That way, you’ll get a fast connection, without paying a higher gigabit price tag.  In fact, good fast Ethernet service providers will be able to give you ports for ¼ the cost of gigabit ports!

-  You can throw your phone service into the mix.  In fact, VoIP phones are set up to share a network connection with your PC on a fast Ethernet connection.  It makes for a much easier installation than gigabit, which requires a second connection for your phone.

-  Fast Ethernet service providers offer full WAN capabilities.  That means you’ll be able to link all of your remote locations together (no matter how many of them there are, or how far apart they may be!).  Plus, you’ll be able to rest easy because you’ll be able to send and receive data in specially-encrypted packets that are more secure than sending data the ol’ fashioned way.

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